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Made in the USA


The Xena Bird Discourager discourages birds from perching on power line structures. The Xena Bird Discourager moves birds away from unsafe and sensitive areas, effectively lowering the risks of avian electrocution,insulator and streamer flashovers, structure corrosion and bird strikes.


  • Transmission & Distribution operators reduce outages from line flashovers and electrocutions,
  • Telecommunication operators reduce bird related maintenance on microwave installations,
  • Airport operators reduce strike risk and improve lighting and navigation equipment reliability.


Designed specifically for raptors and larger birds, the Xena Bird Discourager

  • Discourages both perching and nesting,
  • Is bird safe and environmentally friendly,
  • Installs quickly, and safely reducing downtime,
  • Has excellent self-washing characteristics,
  • Can protect runs of any length.
  • Stackable for ease of storing and shipping.


The Xena Bird Discourager (anti-perch device) is shipped ready to mount on wooden, steel or fiberglass arms in minutes. The patented product is molded using proprietary high-density polyethylene that is contaminant and weather resistant, and is fixed to the structure using stainless steel straps.